Listed below are a series of seminars being offered by the CSC covering a number of issues related to school-age children. These seminars can be offered with a focus on parents or on the teachers and social workers within the school. Please contact the CSC with any questions.

ADD/ADHD: This presentation focuses on understanding symptoms and accommodating students with ADD/ADHD. Techniques, strategies and interventions dealing with students diagnosed are the focus so children can learn effectively and become well-adjusted members of the classroom.

Depression: this presentation will focus on early identification, intervention and prevention of depression in school-aged children. Teachers and other staff members are then educated on strategies and techniques that will enable students to function in the classroom more effectively.

Bipolar Disorder: This presentation encompasses interventions, techniques, and strategies on how an educator can alleviate academic and behavioral issues at school caused by bipolar disorder. The other focus will be on teacher reactions to students with bipolar and parent communicatio.

CyberBullying: This seminar focuses on the latest trends of cyber bullying. This seminar uses the student’s everyday language and is taught on their level enabling them to see the harmful causes and effects of cyber bullying.

Organization Group: Many children have a real issue with getting organized and staying organized. This group focuses on how to get organized and stay there--throughout the entire school year. This group is not a quick fix, but an in depth look at why the student is disorganized and how to combat this issue.

Friendship Group: this group focuses on making and maintaining healthy and functional friendships.  Main focus is how to combat gossiping, bullying and how to solve issues both individually and in groups.
Bullying Group (also named "Girl Power" group): This group focuses on how to deal with being a victim of bully and what the factors are behind someone who bullies.  Real life problems, alternatives and solutions are examined and discussed.  Cyberbullying and Illinois State Laws dealing with bullying are examined.

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